Deliberate and Intentional

By Tyler J. Wise|April 05th, 2017|Blog|

It is easy; easy for anyone and any business to just take what is given.  When you commence a business, cash flow dictates that you accept any and all work.  Most of the time, even if this is the wrong work.  You show me a business that is not guilty of this, and I bet we can locate a safety net.  So few people and businesses have such a luxury, so taking any work becomes a reality.

When you start out, it is fine. You have the capacity and people wanting you to do the work which is good for your ego.  Neither of these are bad. So then, how does it so often go bad? It is simple, instead of driving the bus, you become a passenger.  You let the work dictate you, you let your customers mould your business and you become an employee.

It is borderline impossible to identify this when you are knee deep in work.  You hire more people to help you manage what you have, with the aim of getting back to that “business plan” you drafted at the beginning. You get busier and busier doing the work you never set out to do.

Customers recommend customers of similar ilk, and if you are not deliberate in your approach you will sacrifice control for busyness.  Busyness is not good, it is sometimes good for ego, but most people I meet with would happily sacrifice busy for control.

That is why it is imperative that everything you do allows you a level of control over your business and direction.  If you let outside forces dictate your direction, it will never steer you towards what makes you happy, because you are not the focus. Ultimately your customers are interested in themselves, not you.

I say this from an adviser perspective, but personally also.  For the first 4 years of Wise Accounting I was guilty of accepting any work that came in the door.  This served no one. I was doing work I was not interested in doing, getting no job satisfaction, and as a result it is questionable if these clients were getting the best service, the best of me.

I made a conscious shift, and as I called it got “back to basics”, back to doing what my skill set allows me to exceed at, and what makes me happy.  Every day is a challenge to stick to this, as saying no to work, and you may find you have to say it a lot, leaves a hollow feeling, but enjoying personal goals quickly fills it.

To ensure long term success, avoid burn out & busyness, and ensure happiness, it is important that every decision is made with “the end in mind”.

Acting in your own self interests can feel risky, selfish and arrogant, all at the same time, but while it will serve you well it will also serve your clients and customers equally well.  Start small, and ensure you move your way to the front of the bus, eventually grabbing that steering wheel once again!

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