Riding to a Better Business Brain

By Tyler J. Wise|January 12th, 2020|Blog|

How Riding a Silent 30kms a Day Made Me a Better (Business) Man

It did not start out as a New Year’s resolution, in fact, I am not one for New Year’s Eve, or New Years resolutions at all, but in December I found myself riding 30 kilometres a day, and I am still doing it. Initially, it was to get to the pub to meet some friends, the second time it was to inspect a property my wife and I were considering purchasing. Now, it is just a habit. In fact, it is so engrained in me, it feels weird and annoying if there is a day I cannot enjoy a ride to Vasse and back (which is the 30km round trip).

For my first few rides I would listen to music, then podcasts, and now, nothing. The nothing has added a whole new dimension to my ride. It gives me uninterrupted access to my thoughts with no external factors whatsoever, and allows me to process and mentally file my day. Since my business restructure (less clients, no staff, no office…no overheads) the stresses have been less, and what it facilitates of late is my creative process. I have less to decompress on a daily basis, and instead use it to develop strategy, direction, and content. The idea for this blog post came on my ride yesterday, which came after spending 6 hours in the car driving to Perth and back for client meetings. On my drive, I had no creative sparks, but once I was on the bike, it was like a bolt of lightning.

Initially, the daily ride was not really for fitness or self-improvement, but obviously I knew getting in the habit of doing an hours solid exercise a day would only benefit me from a health perspective, given my sedentary occupation. I also thought I would / could get bored, and so had my earbuds with me. Ultimately my ears were getting sore, and so I decided to give my ears a break. On that one night, my “2020 Vision in 2020” idea came to me, my Instagram images for my “10 Lessons in 10 Years” were planned and I just felt my thinking process was clearer.

Yes, now riding is a habit, and the health impacts are good, physiologically, but also mentally. My wife and I both enjoy different exercise regimes (she is excellent at Yoga, I am woeful), but we both finish at the same time (or thereabouts) on a nightly basis and then generally sit down with a hot chocolate together and recap our days and plan out our tomorrow. It is great time, and time we previously weren’t getting, because we were ‘busy’, always busy. The impacts of my ride are an incredible net positive for my physical health, my mental health and my relationship health.
I am not the first person, and I will not be the last to profess the benefits of exercise, but what surprised me the most was the amount of mental headspace it opened for me. Exercise is not foreign to me, but since doing it on a nightly basis, and making it an important item in my daily regime it has relegated my to-do list, and stresses in general, conversely freeing up my headspace for new opportunities and ultimately a bit more fun.

I will continue to ride 30 kilometres daily as I am addicted to the positive impacts. My advice to you is to not let busy consume you and instead take a stand and do something for you, daily! This does not have to be exercise, but just having some time to let your mind wander to wherever it wants is something that should not be discounted or neglected. Please, give it a go, and set yourself a 21 day plan to test this theory out (21 days is how long it takes to form a new habit).

If you find benefits in this approach, or have an alternative that works for you, please share below, or you can email me direct, – I’d love to hear from you!


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