WAP033 - A Class-y Interview

By Tyler J. Wise|March 29th, 2017|Podcast|

A Class(y) Interview

With Class Limited CEO Kevin Bungard

Those that know us, know that we are big tech fans, be that hardware or software.  One of our favourite Software as a Service providers are Class | Super who allow us to prepare our SMSF fund compliance matters at a level of efficiency we simply have not experienced before.

Further to this Class Limited have gone from a private company to a listed company, and their CEO, Kevin Bungard was kind enough to come on to our podcast and answer some of our questions.

We get in to how Kevin and Class stay focussed and achieve their goals in a turbulent environment, what the challenges are of running a listed company (compared to a private one), what is in store for Class, and of course, any tips that Kevin has for business owners.

It is full of gems throughout, so please enjoy.

As I say in the intro, there are some audio drop out issues, however these do not take away from the experience and Kevin's advice and tips still resonate throughout.

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