Budgeting and Cashflow Forecast SECOND OPINIONS

We understand that sometimes you just need verification, that your existing accountant is accurate, or has arrived at an outcome in your best interests. In these times we offer independent and objective advice to assist you in determining if the outcome is correct, or one you wish to pursue. We appreciate that the consequences of an incorrect action can be dire, and these engagements are undertaken with the intention as a 'one-off' with no pressure or expectation that you must become a long term client of Wise Accounting. The best outcome for you is what we deisre, not the best outcome for us, and if we can offer assurance and certianty in your tax and business decisions we are happy; and happy to assist! We respect your confidentiality in all matters, and exercise absolute discretion in all communications; we would never jeopardise existing business relationships you may have. Should you require a second opinion, on any matter, we would only be happy to help you.

Budgeting and Cashflow Forecast